End of Japanese makeup and makeup the difference between the end of Europe, where

A: end of Japanese makeup and makeup the biggest difference is that the end of Europe-sense there is a clear difference between the two, Japanese makeup pursuit of light at the end a thorough, with no better sense, only with special Cover products for cloaking and adjustment of local defects; bottom makeup pursue coverage in Europe and America strong, coherent as a whole, often gave the impression that a strong sense of modification. Professional make-up artist usually at the end of doing makeup, will in the case of different selected Japan makeup products or makeup products at the end in Europe and America at the end, or the stage make-up effect when needed, they would choose a European and American brands of makeup products, or need to make-up more sophisticated permeability in life when many people would choose Japan brand of cosmetics products.

Japan end makeup

Blocks, Foundation brush, sponge fingers-the end of which is more suitable for Japanese makeup?

A: sponge blocks are undoubtedly the best choice, especially with multiple-facial sponges, in the presence of different sizes available. When we do not recommend at the end of Japanese makeup use the Foundation brush, because the Foundation brush is difficult to control, it will be relatively thick makeup at the end of a relative, and prone to fiber makeup on left at the end of the line. In big area of Scribble when you want to use a sponge, especially when using Foundation cream or Foundation cream, finger smudge is the result of many fingerprints left on the face, it is difficult to paint. In dealing with eye, nose and when small parts, recommend the use of small areas of sponge, or ring finger, too.

Q: large pores and acne long today when trying to do bottom makeup?

A: there is no doubt that is possible. End of Japanese makeup emphasizes thin thorough, but there is still a good cover and adjust the effect. For large pores problem isolation foam cream can be used, due to bubbles shrink pores can be very effective in improving the problem of large pores. If is the pore is bulky, rough dry skin problems can take by the end of isolation makeup cosmetic milk solution. Prior to the Foundation using these products, problems can be very effective in improving large pores. Acne skin should actually select a foundation texture and light, thick Foundation on skin surface irregularities of the whole will only make it worse, select with Cover, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect of makeup products not only pressing at the end, there will be surprises.

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